About Me

This is a hard one, i feel like just when i figure some of this out it changes. Wife to a Cop-by-day-pastor-at-heart and all round general saint of a man, Mother, Foster mama, Social worker by training,  pastor by accident, social activist type, and Jesus follower by choice. I like life, art and learning, and am half way to a masters degree in ministry/theology. There was a time in my life i thought i was right… and actually I was, now I’m probably a little left and utterly convinced I’m still wrong on many accounts.

I believe every life has equal value in the eyes of God. I believe that we can share the Truth without spreading hate for others. I believe that we need to be stewards of all God has given us, our families, our time, our earth.  I believe in Climate change, science and evidence based practice working with people, and i believe it’s a little crazy that as a Christian it is necessary to state that. I believe that there is hope.  I believe we can save the world by having Christ in us, who came to accomplish just that.

We lead a little church in Joondalup with a big vision to change the world, and attempting to do that one life, one issue, one injustice, one conversation, one act of kindness and compassion at a time.


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