Small Beginnings

I. NEED. SPACE. Not like that, well maybe a little, but what I mean is I am looking for room for ideas.  I am on a journey of learning and trying to lead at the same time, and in that process so much development takes place. I am a thinker and a conversationalist. I want […]

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Isn’t it ironic, Don’t you think

Today is harmony Day, and Palm Sunday is this weekend. But you probably knew that. Did you know the rest of the world has another name for ‘Harmony Day’? It is the International day for the elimination of racial discrimination. It started after the horrific massacre of racial equality activists in South Africa during the […]

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Reconciliation and repentance

Facebook memories does not help my conscience this time of year. While my feed is filling with accounts of history and people reflecting on some of the horrific moments in our nations past (and some not so pretty current ones)… mine reminds me of the many years I didn’t want to see. Skyworks was one […]

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A confession of sorts 

 When I first walked into church I knew as much about politics as I did about faith. As I immersed myself in fundamentalist Christian culture I found myself breathing in the conservative views of the church I belonged to. “Boatpeople” entered my lexicon at some point, and soon my perspective of immigration was set. In […]

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Picking up the pieces

‪Our desire: to be a church for everyone who thought they’d never do church & anyone who thought they would never do church again. ‬ For the minimized, marginalized and the misfits. For the hopeless, the half way, the hung over and the hard case. The thinker and the skeptic, the rebel and the refugee. […]

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Why I am not who I was

I keep getting told that I have changed a lot in the last couple of years.  At first I want to be defensive. I don’t feel different, my values are still what they always were. I want to tell you that you are wrong, but I think you might be right.  With any honest reflection, […]

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Disarming and/or Disengaging

The church. Not a peripheral organization but a central and integral part of the community. Well at least that’s what it should be.  As our particular expression of the church begins to embrace this mandate, many pastors and leaders are asking the question of “how?” There are as many answers as there are communities to […]

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7 small changes

I wanted to write about my frustrations today. I wanted to drop political controversy and demand Jesus following from his followers, I wanted to challenge the status quo and and air perceived injustices… but I’m not. I’m not because I can’t win that way. I can’t change the world in one day, one life and […]

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Facts and Factions

On disagreeing with someone’s theology… Kid 1 made faction captain today, last year of primary school, so all the fun starts now right? Has nothing to do with my post though, just proud-parent-moment. This is of a different sort of faction.  Post-truth seems to be Christian insult of the month, and another insult of the […]

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Coffee and Hypocrisy

Hypocrite…we like to deal out the label pretty quick, at least in some of my circles anyway. In the days of the letters to the early church, a hypocrite referred to a professional actor, someone who acted like something they weren’t for personal gain or profit. Today we talk about someone who upholds one standard […]

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