7 small changes

I wanted to write about my frustrations today. I wanted to drop political controversy and demand Jesus following from his followers, I wanted to challenge the status quo and and air perceived injustices… but I’m not. I’m not because I can’t win that way. I can’t change the world in one day, one life and certainly not with one (or even many blog posts). But I Can change me. 

I can change my world by changing me and I can lead others to do the same. MOmentum. This is my desperate prayer, for a movement, a shift. But it starts here. 

I never thought I would land here, I never though I would stand on the side of certain fences I find my self on, much less make public those places. But much like most of my walk with God and finding Jesus, some people landed in my path that inevitably shifted the course of my life and ministry simply by living out their call and following Jesus themselves. 

With that many small changes came and in a relatively small space of time those changes… they count.

1. I decided to speak up and use the voice I have to help the poor, the oppressed and those in need. Not a small thing but a small shift in my actions. I will write, I will post, I will discuss, lobby, protest, preach… SPEAK.

2. I am trying live more simply. Buy Less, Use Less, Waste Less- Give more. 

3.  I invest my purchases in the kind of world I want to see. NO sweatshop, no exploitation, no corruption.

4. I will read more – Education is powerful, empathy that comes from broad perspectives is even more so.

5.  Reducing my environmental impact. (Post for another day)

6. Choosing to encourage people more

7. Scheduling time to invest in future projects not just dealing with day to day things. 

I don’t know if I would recognize myself from 2 years ago. Small shifts take us a long way. I feel like there’s something to that, but more on that later. 

WHat small change made a big difference to you, or you feel helped you make a big impact? 


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