Facts and Factions

On disagreeing with someone’s theology…

Kid 1 made faction captain today, last year of primary school, so all the fun starts now right? Has nothing to do with my post though, just proud-parent-moment. This is of a different sort of faction. 

Post-truth seems to be Christian insult of the month, and another insult of the moment in my arena seems to be ‘neglecting the truth’ or ‘turning away from the truth’. Don’t mistake me here, I advocate for One Truth that is Jesus. I also firmly believe there is one truth in all circumstances, albeit possibly the truth of someone’s experience or perception. 

My issue lies in when people connect the Truth with their truth, which may be a biblical interpretation, ideological foundation or Christian tradition.  I have been accused of rejecting Jesus in rejecting some of these truths… my issue is how do you reason with someone who puts the two in one and cannot separate. How do you help them understand? 

 Just because your idea is related to something to do with the Bible or Jesus doesn’t mean you can claim “truth” and call anyone a heretic who questions it. Furthur, if scholars and theologians have varying perspectives and church history presents more alternative points then who are we to claim a monopoly on ‘the truth’? 

Factions and division are born in these moments. A new denomination is devised in the world every few moments. Jesus isn’t coming for a fractured and disjointed bride, but a united, whole and funtioning one. 

I want to know Jesus… The truth… and following him means finding, reassessing, revisiting and reframing my own truth all the time. 


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