Small Beginnings


Not like that, well maybe a little, but what I mean is I am looking for room for ideas.  I am on a journey of learning and trying to lead at the same time, and in that process so much development takes place. I am a thinker and a conversationalist. I want to share some thoughts and invite discussion at the same time. Some things are not for the pulpit. Some things are not appreciated on facebook. Somethings need space.

Sometimes I wish I had found voices that helped me see my way in the dark days of change and figuring things out. And Lord, am I grateful for those voices now! I guess i want to offer a voice to those searching in their dark place, To those trying to find their way. Journeying together makes walking easier. I think I need space to do that. More than 144 characters at least.

I hope to find time to share thoughts on Theology, Politics, Family and Fostering, Church and Leadership, Ethics and working toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Not from a place of being  in the elite and having it worked out, but rather from a place of working it out. Sharing the wins and the failures, the struggles and the funny stories. All of it. Hoping that it will be helpful for someone.




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